Cannabis Shop


This project concerns the design of a very small shop of medical and industrial cannabis products at the Old Town of Chania. Respecting the historic value of the building and of the surrounding area, the façade and the internal walls are restored. Except from the stone arch of the entrance, the rest surfaces are coated with special natural earthy stucco and the floor is covered with a quartz micro-terrazzo material. The back auxiliary part of the store with the access to the storage loft is isolated and filtered by a wooden partition. Recesses are constructed there so that all the available space can be used. All these new interior interventions are reversible and are made from light materials such as plasterboard and wood which do not damage the original structure of the building. The design of the furniture and the fixed equipment is based on an aesthetic approach that aims to lightness due to the very small size of the shop. It also uses a color palette that reflects nature and green. Thin metal fixtures and details of marble and wicker give the desired feeling of elegance and coziness. In the same context, architectural elements and product displays are carefully lighted so that the store and the products are highlighted with a feeling of weightlessness.


  • Architectural Study
  • Interior design
  • photos: SOUTH space for photography

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