Greek Designers’ shop


This project concerns a store for Greek designers’ products. It is placed at the edge of Chania Old Town, next to the Public Market. The design focuses on the conversion of a former dark, out-of-square space into a light uplifting place that will adequately promote the products. The whole shop is seen an elegant showcase. The exterior is restored with off-white quartz stucco. The perimeter of the openings is framed with wood and hidden lighting. In the interior plasterboard is used with stucco finishing of light blue color almost on every surface. This creates a discrete but characteristic background for the products. At the ceiling arches and half-domes are shaped which give, except from their plasticity, a sense of rhythm and scale. They form a backbone structure that leads to the back wall alcove with its marble display cases. A synthesis that works as a table, bench and green area is designed as a central element. It organizes the movement of people and it connects the front and the rear part of the store. In this way it contributes to the overall dramaturgy of the space and to the sense of climax from the entrance to the back.


  • Architectural Study
  • Interior design
  • photos: SOUTH space for photography

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