Old Town House


A building restoration in the urban fabric of Chania Old Town is always a challenge, especially if it concerns a tiny three storey house with additional restrictions due to clients’ specific requests, as well as due to the historic value of the building and the surrounding area. Key factors for the architectural proposal are the introduction of new uses, the clever solutions in order to maximize all the available space, and the conservation of the traditional architectural elements. The staircase is designed as a central element organizing motion vertically and as a backbone where all house areas (from the ground floor entrance to the roof terrace) are assembled. Interior design extends everywhere; most of the equipment is custom-made because of the really small, irregular space available. Rustic elements are combined harmonically with light modern materials for a more contemporary end result. The decoration is based on a modern chic approach with vintage luxury details.


  • Architectural Study
  • Interior design
  • Exterior design
  • Decoration
  • photos: Pliatsikas Architecture Photography

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