Guest House Restoration


This three storey building is located at the narrow streets behind the Venetian Harbor of Chania. Previous use of the house has altered its historic character and impaired its architectural elements. That is why the current restoration focuses on repair works of the façade, as well as of the interior. In addition, traces of the multiple different phases of dwelling are brought to view and highlighted. These phases are part of the architectural palimpsest which is typical for the Οld Τown region. In this context and with respect to the structural components of the building, the stone and brick walls are uncovered, thus enriching the spatial properties and the way someone experiences the interior. The old chimney and other stone features are brought to light as parts of the local architectural tradition and they are reused in new, contemporary ways. The design of special constructions and the decoration approach are both aiming to combine the heaviness of the building with a more light feeling of Mediterranean carefree: earthy stucco is combined with off-white and blue tones, and also with thin materials and airy fabrics. The carefully designed and selected light fixtures further enhance this feeling and outline the historic profile of the building.


  • Architectural Study
  • Interior design
  • Decoration
  • photos: SOUTH space for photography

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